Press & Testimonials

"The MiniPACS has helped tremendously with keeping track of our images. Wherever I go, from Lake Placid to West Palm Beach, I can look up 4 years of records. I can now compare images I just took with older records and during the same visit administer the most appropriate treatment. Whether it is radiographic, ultrasonographic or endoscopic images, it's all in the same computer; no more lost films."
Dr. Christopher B. Miller - North Salem, NY
Dr. Miller has been using a NSI custom PACS for the past 3 years, and currently uses a MiniPACS to take his archives whenever he goes to a horseshow. The MiniPACS stores images taken while on the road, and synchronizes automatically with the office PACS when back home.


"We've been using the SmartCR for about a year and printed radiographs as necessary. When we realized that our Fuji system was about to reach full storage capacity, it was obvious we needed a better archiving strategy. Since none of us wanted to archive films again, we had North Salem Imaging install a dedicated server to hold images, and a review station where we can diagnose radiographs and burn CDs."
Dr. Mike Davis, New England Equine Medical & Surgical Center - Dover, NH
Dr. Davis is using a custom PACS solution designed by North Salem Imaging to archive digital radiographs acquired with their Fuji SmartCR and review images on a dedicated workstation running the software eFilm.

"We wanted to be able to show our digital radiographic system to clients from the examination room, but the Fuji CR only allows to print on film. So we had North Salem Imaging install a third party computer workstation where we can burn CDs on the spot and demonstrate our system."

Dr. Jim Juzwiak, Manor Equine Hospital - Monkton, MD

Dr. Juzwiak uses an eFim workstation to review and burn CD of studies received from his Fuji Carbon CR system.